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Indian Pale Ale

The typical hints of IPA come from the historical needs of the Englishmen, who had to freight beer up to India in the period of colonialism. After the first disastrous journeys, the beers perished because of the long way; so, the brewmasters increased the amount of hop, thanks to its medical and preservative features as well as to its alcohol content. This made the beer capable of withstanding the long sea journeys.

Terra” was inspired by the original British recipes, with strong hoppy hints
and an upper-middle alcohol content; on the palate, it is intense, with sharp herby and fruity aroma, and has a medium body. The initial bitterness leaves room for an explosion of scents deriving from the hops and from the aroma of the caramel malts.

This beer is amber-coloured, with a head of compact and quite persistent foam.
On the palate, we can immediately notice a robust body and a strong bitter predominance, with a reduced effervescence and a good persistence. Cocoa hints (due to the malt toasting) and a herby aroma stand out. Despite the alcohol content (7.0% vol.), it is well balanced and never pungent in the mouth.

The glass, where it is poured, must be tulip-shaped, which enhances
its olfactory and organoleptic features. Let it breathe, and “Terra” will emanate its structured flavour.
It is enjoyed at a temperature between 10°C and 12°C.

It is recommended to drink it with medium-ripening cow’s cheese, blue cheese,
sugar-cured ham, white fish and shellfish; anyway, sweetish foodstuffs. “Terra” is also enjoyable as a meditation beer.