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Red Honey Ale

“Fuoco” is the result of an accurate selection of Bohemian malts, which differ in toasting, and therefore, in organoleptic features, flavour and colour, and a selection of Slovenian hops, having a delicate aroma and a slightly spiced flavour, with the addition of chestnut honey.

Also this beer is brewed with a top-fermenting process typical of the British Ales, which gives it unique features.

It is copper-coloured, with a robust body and a head of moderate and persistent foam. In the nose, the scent of the craft chestnut honey is predominant; on the palate, we can notice a pleasant hint of flowers and breadcrust.
All this is well balanced with the delicate bitterness given by the selected hop. The alcohol content is 7.0% vol.

The glass, where it is poured, must be tulip-shaped, which enhances its olfactory and organoleptic features.
Let it breathe, and “Fuoco” will emanate its structured flavour.
It is enjoyed at a temperature between 10°C and 12°C.

Because of its complex structure, this beer can certainly be tasted alone, as a meditation product, or drunk with robust first courses or elaborate meat dishes.