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Aria”, a top-fermenting, very fresh German beer, is produced with a mixture of barley and wheat malts, of extremely pure water from Susa Valley, of German hop as well as of a particular yeast strain giving it an aromatic, fruity bouquet and a clear hint of banana, vanilla and cloves. Rigorously unfiltered, it is opalescent gold with a typical head of white, compact and persistent foam.

On the palate, it is fresh and harmonious, moderately sourish and thirst-quenching. The hop flavour is slight, whereas the alcohol content is 5.3% vol.

The glass, where it is poured, (typically 0.5 l) is peculiar: instead of the classic beer mug, a particularly high one, large at the mouth, narrow at the side and a little larger at the base, should be used to enhance the features of this beer and to favour the creation of foam at every sip.

It is enjoyed at a temperature between 6°C and 8°C.

Enjoyable alone, for a pleasantly refreshing moment, “Aria” is an excellent table beer.
It can go well with single courses, such as veal sausages with potatoes and sauerkraut, but also with more elaborate dishes, such as pork shank, wild game courses, roasted meats, and, why not, light cooked fish, grilled or butter.
Finally, “Aria” is also very good with desserts, in particular with dry cakes,
jam tarts, biscuits and the inevitable apple strudel.