Birra AcquaFresh and enjoyable, it is the result of a virtuous fusion experiment of two great brewing styles, Pale Ale and Pilsener.

Acqua” contains the clearness of the malts and the distinctive hints of the Bohemian hops, with yeasts and fermenting characteristics typical of the classic British Ales.

This gives rise to a pale gold beer, with a medium body and a head of white, compact foam.

On the palate, it is very light and enjoyable, an excellent mixture of slight hints of breadcrust (due to the used malts), well balanced with the spiced and bitter flavour of the hop, carefully selected and measured out by ourselves.

The alcohol content is 5.3% vol.

The glass, where it is poured, (typically 0.5 l) can be the classic Bavarian mug, which enhances its features.

It is enjoyed at a temperature between 6°C and 8°C.

Enjoyable alone, for a pleasantly refreshing moment, it is however excellent as a table beer.

Mostly drunk with pizza, it goes very well with seconds, such as poiltry, various meats and barbecued fish.